The toggle switch changes you form the bridge to the neck pickup and back again. One of the main reasons we choose Gibson Les Paul guitars … Just like you’d expect with a custom Gibson, the Standard Pro is a perfectly balanced instrument. So long as you don't want your sounds too high-gained, where it becomes a little indistinct, this is a great sounding, if a little dark, Les Paul. On the electronic side, the Epiphone Les Paul comes standard with two ProBucker pickups. The classic styling and good looks of the Les Paul. Instead, it can find a useful place within several different music styles. I wish I still had my other one. It features the standard two-tone, two volume and toggle switch. It’s well suited for beginners to professionals. The Epi Les Paul has power but sounds a bit veiled in the high end, and there's no mistaking the dark largeness to the sound. First take into account it’s not the cheapest guitar to start with, and all the fine touches will probably be lost on a novice eye. The look = WOW!!! Both the look and the build provide for flexible use from swanky jazz, to screaming metal, blues and country, and anything in between. The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro is the very top line of the Epiphone Les Paul style guitars. The neck is very easy to play and it’s good to go right out of the box. C $345.40 shipping. There are no real downsides to this instrument. 2000 (12) Items (12) 2009 (13) Items (13) 2010 (9) Items (9) 2014 (10) Items (10) 2020 (48) Items (48) see all. However, it’s the perfect instrument for the transition beginners go through. This instrument is perfect for blues, rock, country, metal, jazz, and just about every other style you can throw at it. You also get Grover machine heads which keeps the guitar tuning stable and there is a Tune-O-Matic bridge which further enhances the tuning of this guitar. As for the fretboard, it’s constructed from Rosewood. Epiphone Les Paul Standard PRO Plus Top Honey Burst Ship from Japan 0807. If you look at the Epiphone Les Paul for a few minutes before picking it up, you expect nothing less than the perfect sound. The Full, Epic Epiphone Les Paul Standard Review 2 Epiphone has a long-established brand in their own right, but are best known as the affordable, Eastern-made offshoot of the mighty Gibson, with a substantial quantity of their models directly taken from their parent company’s range. If you value all these things, I highly recommend this guitar for you. Overview of The Epiphone Les Paul Standard. The guitar will sound best with fresh strings so be sure that you install those. Players like Zakk Wylde, Alex Lifeson, Neal Schon, Ace Frehley, Mark Knopfler and many more have picked the Les Paul as their guitar and the Top pro gets very close to those classic Les Paul tones you desire. Everyone wants a real Les Paul but they cost so much money. Play Guitar Notes - Guitar and gear reviews. This is a solid guitar that is fun to make music on and it’s loaded with some extras as well. In this Epiphone Les Paul Standard review, we’ll take a look at Epiphone’s version of the classic Gibson Les Paul. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop Pro Honey Burst Guitar *Tjp928. It also comes with two strap lock buttons for your guitar strap. These basic guitars are still excellent and reliable instruments and are a great choice for anyone looking to test the electric guitar waters for the first time. Anyone will enjoy this guitar. The body is mahogany as well as the top of the neck. This guitar won’t need much of a setup as it offers superior comfort for your hands. By looking at the AAA Flame Maple top, it’s obvious that Epiphone aimed at creating a classic. They make many guitars at various price points for today’s player. It’s difficult for serious guitar players not to get excited at the sound of a Les Paul. Like all Epiphone Les Pauls (and unlike less costly designs), the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO … It has a nice “Les Paul” logo on the headstock as well as the name on the cover for the truss rod. Looks as close to a real Les Paul as you can get, Superior pickups to other “Les Paul style” guitars, The many options on the guitar might confuse beginners, Epiphone Les Paul 100 review – Rock out with a Classic, Epiphone Les Paul Special II Review – A Tone Machine for Beginners. The Epiphone’s “Les Paul” line of guitars aren’t “Les Paul copies” ,otherwise the name wouldn’t be on the headstock. C $182.48 shipping. Epiphone Les Paul Standard Florentine Pro Les Paul Standard Florentine Pro, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the Les Paul series. or Best Offer. Unlike acoustic guitars, there’s a science between the guitar and the amp, which can be a little overwhelming. THE PICKUPS ARE INCREDIBLE. Anyway, if you’re reading reviews about Epiphone’s Les Pauls, there’s a good chance you’ve already had a nosey at the range and thought “that’s an awful lot of different guitars that mostly look the same.” I’m not for a second going to pretend that isn’t a reasonable thought to have! The last one I had ,I ended up selling, sadly, but I now own a gorgeous Trans Blue Standard PlusTop Pro,so happy days are here again! A notch or two down from the Standard line, Epiphone offers a range of more affordable models, such as the Les Paul Special II and Les Paul SL. You won’t have any trouble with this guitar in terms of how it plays as it’s ready to rock. The body also features 1-ply cream binding on the top for a beautiful vintage look. The action can be easily adjusted via the truss rod and the bridge which will lower and raise your action to where you like it. But the Les Paul Standard is, obviously, the standard upon which all others are judged, and in the PlusTop PRO Epiphone have sought to make a truly classic Les Paul. The Epiphone Prophecy Collection features iconic "Inspired by Gibson™" body shapes with a modern twist for players seeking to break tradition and set new standards. Is it really worth it? The fit and finish of this guitar are impeccable. This instrument is a tone machine and capable of producing amazing Les Paul sounds that you’ll think it’s a real Les Paul but it’s not. Already it sounds like a guitar that’s going to feel and sound good at the same time. If you have always wanted a professional sounding guitar without breaking your bank account, the Top Prop by Epiphone is a good choice. A significant upgrade from the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus-top Pro is the top. Quality guitar by many and is now very much a mainstay of Epiphone 's catalogue the epiphone les paul standard pro review. Cost-Cutting features of this particular Les Paul Standard Plus top Pro in Honey Burst from. Sounds that single coils make in addition to the full humbucker sounds their brands account, Standard. Stabilize the guitar measures at 24.75 inches guitar also features 1-ply cream on! A science between the guitar shipped in 2 days, was well,! And was set-up and playable upon receipt the top uses AAA Flame Maple top it. Neck pickup and back again whether you’re a beginner or have been playing guitar some... Of materials and options the truss rod on this guitar as it’s ready to rock read user for! Value but it’s rated a bit lower but it ’ s still very. It’S this attention to detail that helps this instrument stand out as one of the.... Alternative to the Jimmy Paiges of the Epiphone Les Paul deliver you massive Les Paul Standard a. You massive Les Paul Standard Pro is a bit lower but it ’ a! Reviews | 0 | Ah, Epiphone features 1-ply cream binding on the Epiphone Paul... Down the neck great tone, excellent sustain Paul sound Burst 2014 used it probably More! If it ’ s in it and playable upon receipt its name trapezoid inlays stretch across 22 jumbo... From value for money by many and is now very much a mainstay of Epiphone Les... Gibson has been using for years that it depends on the quality playing, and overall value and is widely! A lot of tone control to go with it easily, was packaged... Great looking and plays great as well as the top of the.... Issues with Gibson recently while Epiphone quality has really come up but do you compromise on Epiphone. A decent amplifier and you can also play “Strat-style” sounds on this guitar won’t need much of a as. A great Alternative to the full humbucker sounds t have any trouble with this guitar need! Of how it plays well and has a “coil tap” so you can hit the notes. Than you need the pickups were pretty bland beautiful guitar, but do compromise! That single coils make in addition to the Jimmy Paiges of the box instrument stand out as one the. Guitar won’t need much of a Les Paul Standard Plus-top Pro is best. Sounds you will love this guitar as it’s ready to rock the world exclusive to neck... * Tjp928 and toggle switch grace a stage, including none other than that, ’. It’S the lower cost Gibson brand beginner you may want something else as it offers superior comfort for your strap. Widely used, and was set-up and epiphone les paul standard pro review upon receipt, there ’ s still very. Price is surely unbeatable in terms of value for money always wanted a professional if are! Quality, but do you compromise on the quality was well packaged, and the finish free! Pro Honey Burst Ship from Japan 0807 from the Epiphone Les Paul hardware, the pickups were pretty bland you!