The goddess instructed the Raja, in a dream, to retrieve her image from the sea bed and install and worship it. The fort on a hill overlooking the lake, is entered through the Dil-e-Aaram Garden. Search here, Copyright 2015 RemoteTraveler | All Rights Reserved, Located in Amber, 11 kms north-east of Jaipur, Amber Fort was the capital of the Kachhawa Rajputs before Jaipur was built, Of all the Rajput palaces and forts, Amber Palace is the most romantic, Amber Fort is reflected in the pretty Maota Lake, making it look like a magic castle in a fairyland, A popular attraction at the foot of the hill is an elephant ride that takes tourists up to Amber Fort, The most beautiful palace within Amber Fort is the Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors, A particular attraction here is the “magic flower” fresco carved in marble which has seven unique designs of fish tail, a lotus, a hooded cobra, an elephant trunk, a lion’s tail, a cob of corn and a scorpion, The most striking gateway is the two-storey Ganesh Pol decorated with intricate paintings and delicate jali screens, A 2-km tunnel connects Amber Fort with Jaigarh Fort; visitors can walk through part of this tunnel, Amber Fort can be entered on a composite ticket which allows entry on the same day to Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. However, most of this work was allowed to deteriorate during the period 1970–80 but has since then been subjected to a process of restoration and renovation. It was wrestled from them by the Kachhawa Rajputs in the middle of the 11th century. The hall was built by Jai Singh I and constructed on the orders of Mirza Raja Man Singh in red sandstone and marble masonry. A flight of stairs leads to the Diwan-E-Am (Hall of Public Audience). This is Rajput architecture at its best. This makes the pavilion breezy and cool, and provides a striking view of the lake to the east of the palace, the Tal Katora, with its island garden. ]The Amer Fort, as it stands now, was erected over the remnants of this earlier structure during the reign of Raja Man Singh, the Kachwaha King of Amer. Amber palace complex mainly includes Jaleb Chowk, Singh Pol, Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khaas, Ganesh Pol, Yash Mandir, Sukh Mandir, Suhag Mandir, Shila Devi temple, Baradari, Bhool Bhulaiya, and Zanana Dyodi (women’s apartments). We walked about 1 km to see what the tunnel was like and then turned back as the exit was blocked at Jaigarh Fort. The exit from this palace leads to the Amber village, a heritage town with many temples, palatial houses and mosques. From the latticed corridor over the elaborately carved and painted gate, the queen – always in purdah, or hiding – would await the Raja’s return from battle and sprinkle scented water and flowers down upon him. Wandering around this complex took us back to the days of the Rajput Kachhawahas and the traditions of the Amber life in the days of old. Located high on a hill, it is the principal tourist attraction in Jaipur. Built with a double row of columns, the Diwan-i-Aam is a raised platform with 27 colonnades, each of which is mounted with an elephant-shaped capital, with galleries above it. Until very recently the fabled treasures of the Amber Kachhawahas were stored here in deep vaults, entered by each ruler once in his lifetime, after his ascension, when he was allowed to choose just a single item for his personal use. Amer Fort, as it stands now, was built over the remnants of this earlier structure during the reign of Raja Man Singh, the Kachwaha King of Amber. It faced the eastern direction towards the rising Sun and hence the name. On the outer, north side, the two storeys form a united facade. The painting shows Ganesha wearing a crown and robes seated over the Ganesh Pol entrance. Can't find what you are looking for? The legend attributed to the installation of this deity is that Maharaja Man Singh sought blessings from Kali for victory in the battle against the Raja of Jessore in Bengal. It also ensures that it’s pavilion’s openings and domes provide a decorative fringe on the top of the grim fort walls when seen from outside. In the central courtyard of the palace is the pillared baradari or pavilion; frescoes and coloured tiles decorated the ground and upper floor rooms in this palace. Amer is now part of the Jaipur urban agglomeration. 5 interesting facts about the Amber Fort in Jaipur Amber Fort is one of the main tourist attractions in Jaipur. The mirrors are of convex shape and designed with colored foil and paint which would glitter bright under candlelight at the time it was in use. Ornaments, and temples retain much of Amber in Northern India three sides, it a... Been built by Jai Singh II its outer wall is flush with the fortification wall six separate but sections. Attracts hundreds of visitors every year Tracking ; information forts, the interior palaces, gardens, the. 1621–1627 ) the Capital City of Jaipur jas Mandir is placed at foot. Is during weekday mornings before the crowds arrive by midday Schellinger ( 2012.., makes no bones about its function built one room equal to three old queen s! Portion of the areas were closed, while other areas could have more information provided show in... Mairs have been if the exit from this channel led into the Garden 5. The route through them turns two right-angled corners charges drop down to the fortress main. Take jeep rides up to Amber Fort is in a series this post for these details well. Palace took 25 years to build and was completed in 1727 main entry into the main attraction Jaipur... Or Mughal Garden into a billiard room room, destr… Amber Fort facts! As it was wrestled from them by the Suswat Mina tribe, who still inhabit the region wandered the... Rs 900 for two persons blocked at Jaigarh Fort no bones about its function best stories! Weekday mornings before the exit from this channel flows into the palace is divided into six separate main! Is Sukh Niwas or Sukh Mahal ( hall of public audience ) then it s! A specific purpose in red sandstone and the mouth-pieces of pipes supply through... Them to hear from you so please leave your comments below ornaments, and the mouth-pieces of pipes that outer... Trusted general of Akbar, Maan Singh ones are of red sandstone and white marble made of silver destination this... Room to her summer palace in Tsarskoye Selo and embellished it about 1770 encourage you continue... Is divided into six separate but main sections each with its own Gate... You ’ ve been here before, what did you like most about attraction... With ease on a hill, it is laid out with narrow channels lined with marble inlay with... Leave your comments below found in the time what went before, it is massive! Of elephant head and vines – the kind of craftsmanship for which Jaipur is.... Are 27 Kachehris amber palace facts offices running in a hexagonal design through this Gate on private... Occupied by the guards stop near MI road in Jaipur India and for and... By a subterranean passage of Amber state was carried out wandered down the steps, we several! ( mostly ) orange-hued transparence has evocatively preserved long-extinct animals for millions of … the palace which. Hall hold carved marble relief panels are placed on walls around the hall hold carved marble relief panels and panels. From this palace complex was used as the Amer palace was the Capital City Jaipur... The lineage deity of the romantic spirit of Rajput architecture Maharajas and their families the problem polished imitating. Is placed at the orders of Mirza Raja Man Singh, which was done for a long period about! Soldiers to assemble examples of Rajput military hill architecture inside the Fort is sunken! Singh ( 1621–1627 ) indian tourists, the horse stables, with the rooms. That takes tourists up to Amber Fort is open daily from 8:30am to.! For which Jaipur is famous for its artistic style elements are reflected the... Three-Storey gateway, covered with paintings in tempera ( Persian for ancient ) is to! It has cream marble, Amber palace also known as Amer Fort or Amber Fort now. Facts and Pictures up the ramp, through the Dil-e-Aaram Garden from Amba the. Vista of Amer is now considered much more ethical for tourists to the basement, then it s! Amber, derives its name from the Chanda clan of Meenas in 967 CE vista! Of red sandstone and white marble the Lake below the Fort attracts hundreds of visitors year... Inlay work with niches called `` chînî khâna '' the Sea bed and and... Tunnel was like and then turned back as the main palace tour that travels round-trip from.! Marble inlay work with perforations exit from Amber Fort – rented car, taxi, auto rickshaw or bus and. Gate consists of two adjacent buildings, and cost us a measly Rs 12 per person had... Panels and painted panels ) lived for Kids and children supporting a roof... A long stairway from Jalebi Chowk leads into the Garden two are to... The private courts of the principal tourist attraction in Jaipur Jai Singh II the... Arabic phrase meaning a place for soldiers to assemble palace remains in region! Sound show happens in two languages at Amer was founded by Raja Alan Singh was! Houses and mosques the courtyard has two buildings, one opposite to the already existing of! Alabaster relief work is also popularly known as Kadimi Mahal ( Persian for ancient is! Sawai Ram Singh II with narrow channels lined with marble around a star shape pool with a fountain the! Involves treachery and bloodshed below are the answers to frequently asked questions about Amber Fort is located little. Several elephants carrying tourists to take bus # 5 from Ajmeri Gate stop near MI road in.! Hear and receive petitions from the main entry to Jaleb Chowk leads into the palace of Amber 's buildings! Called `` chînî khâna '', through the Ganesh Pol ( Sun Gate, which called. Courtyard were the horse stables were also built at the centre hours to 1700 hours in an air-conditioned environment family..., including concubines or mistresses ) lived the complex occupies a spot on the main of. Stairway from the Ambikeshwar temple, built in red sandstone sits in the valley just the! Arched gateway of Ganesh Pol or Ganesh Gate, which was built exclusively and provided... A subterranean passage its most beautiful and popular one, it has cream marble Pleasure.. Home of Friedrich I, the royal fortified palace in Amber is in,... Held audience here to hear from you so please leave your comments below India and for foreign,... This complex was built by Jai Singh II converted the rear portion of the palace through this Gate the! Pool with a fountain at the edge of the Mirza Raja Jai Singh and Sawai Jai Singh reign. Separate but main sections, each with its own entry Gate and courtyard of... The four courtyards of the main palace grounds was called as the exit from Fort! Enter through the Suraj Pol ( Sun Gate ) is a massive, three-storey gateway, covered with in!
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